Bonobo series

We all are dysmorphophobic? Or addicted to technology? This whole thing is just vanity? Can you overcome their imposed clichè? ~ Bonobo series, 2018

Every morning, with the same working hours, in the same workplace, with the same desire to run away. Then what do you need all that money for anyway? Simply to pay back your own slavers. Now it’s your time and you’re wasting time. ~Bonobo series, 2019

Van Bonobo ~ Selfie-portrait. We steal ideas all the time and call it inspiration. 2019

We are no more than our contradictions. There is a kind of violence in these contradictions and a deep hypocrisy in our behavior. Maybe the real problem is the shallowness which blinds us. ~ Bonobo series, 2019

Your job is a rat race of survival. Today you call it business. Instead we call it hate. ~ Bonobo series, 2018

I want to understand what love is. Probably it’s just a primal form of economy. Maybe not. ~Bonobo series, 2019 

So often, form is more important than substance. ~Bonobo series, 2018

You are me: your instincts are me, your desires are me, everything in the deepest part of your soul is a piece of me. ~Bonobo series, 2019